Updated February 2016

June 2007
KV-63 Lecture Circuit
Otto Schaden at Kenosha (photo by PC)
Peter & Cindy Chiappori with Otto
Otto Schaden & Pat Dihel
April 2007

Dr. Otto Schaden
Dr. Schaden lecturing on KV-63
Earl Ertman (ph by SRO)
Professor Earl Ertman Lecturing
KV-63/KV-10 Staff - ARCE 2007 (ph by SRO)
Sarah O'Brien, Otto & Elaine
Elaine and Betty
Official KV-63/KV-10 Staff Shirts
Archie & Linda Chubb
Roxanne,Bill,& Betty at Toledo Museum (ph by AC)
Alwyn Burridge and Earl Ertman (ph by ET)
Dr. Hawass signing Linda's book (ph by AC)

June/July 2006


Nadia inspecting bands on Coffin E
Coffin E top panel ready for crating
Clearance of Coffin E base
Inspectors Yasser & Abd El-Ghani
Coffin E's Floral Collars
Floral Collars in Coffin E
Botanist Ahmed Fahmy
Floral Collars removed
Botanist Rim Hamdy
Floral collar close-up
Closeup of Floral elements and stitching
Gold Intertwined in Collar
New retaining wall around KV63
New flood wall around shaft
Installation of grate over KV63 shaft
Coffin 'B' Painted Mask
Coffin 'C' Clearance with Cornice in situ
Limestone Cornice in Coffin 'C'
Cornice for Canopic Box or Shrine
Leaves found in Coffin F
G.1 and G.2 Pillows from Coffin G
Pillows from Youth Coffin
Infant Coffin 'D' being consolidated
Coffin E with Garlands and Floral Collars

April/May 2006


Otto and Elise viewing pillows in 'G'
Elise analyzing fabric & stuffing samples
Textile Specialist Elise van Rooij
Elise examining pillows from the Youth Coffin
Pillows in Coffin G
Pillow # 5 from Coffin G
Elise van Rooij examining pillow fabric
Coffin G as rendered by Roxanne Wilson
Closeup view of pillow fabric & stuffing
Coffin B lid removed and pile of natron and broken vessels
Otto clearing Coffin B
The remaining 'head' area of Coffin B being cleared
Adel and Ahmed prepared to remove the side panel from Coffin B
Adel and Ahmed moving the side panel from Coffin B
Side panel from Coffin B removed
Hoisting Coffin B side panel from the tomb
Coffin B side panel ascending the shaft
Roxanne prepping the ‘Mat’ for removal
Conservators Adel, Ahmed & Amani ‘treating’ the Mat
Ahmed preparing to move mat
The Palm Fiber Mat at head of Coffin B
Ahmed and Amani removing the Mat
The Palm Fiber Mat
Earl Ertman cleaning the second Alabaster Jar
Alabaster Jars found inside Coffin A
Mohammed - KV-63's Sentry
Blue-Painted Pottery Fragments from Coffin B
Blue-Painted Jars being Mended
Our new Inspector Abd Ulghani Abd El Rhman
Reconstructed Blue-Painted Jar from Coffin B
KV-63 Osiris Mud Seal Fragment
Royal Necropolis Seal (Anubis)
Mud tray from Coffin B
Textile Sample from Coffin B
George Johnson doing what he does best…photographing
Some of the KV 63 Crew (during break)
Heather displaying a newly Reconstructed Jar
Lug Jar from Coffin A
Mended Floral Jar from Coffin A
Raising the Youth Coffin (G) Out of KV63
Transferring Coffin G into KV10
Dr Schaden dusting off the Youth’s Mask
Coffin G (youth) Mask
Dr. Schaden and Dr. Peter Brand (UM) viewing the pillows in Coffin G
Artist/Recorder Roxanne at work
Shelving & ‘staging’ area in KV-10 for the KV-63 Coffins
Storage area in KV10 (Back Hall) for opened Storage Jars
Interior of KV63 worktables for the Conservators
Interior of KV63 as it looked the end of May
New Cover for the Shaft
Dr. Zahi Hawass and Dr. Schaden during his latest visit on May 17th.
Dr. Schaden and West Bank Director Ali al Asfar


2007 ARCE Photos by Sarah O'Brien (SRO)