Updated February 2016

                                  RECOMMENDED LINKS

Links to KV63 articles and images :

http://www.luxornews.net/ The most current news about Luxor, Egypt by Jane Akshar

http://www.egyptologyforum.org Egyptologists' Electronic Forum (EEF) : List Moderator~Aayko Eyma. Q&A on KV-63 (Wilson)

http://www.archaeology.org/online/interviews/wilson/index.html Archaeological Institute of America (AIA)


Links to Recommended Egypt Tours and Accommodations:

Museum Tours

http://www.museum-tours.com  Managed by Bill and Nancy Petty

El Nakhil Hotel, Gezira El Bairat, Luxor (West Bank)
El Fayrouz Hotel, Gezira El Bairat, Luxor (West Bank)
Luxor Flats (rent by day-week-month)