Updated February 2016

March 2005
The 2005 group photo of the KV-63 staff present when the shaft was discovered March 10th 2005 of last year. In order from left to right: Reis Nubi abu el Basit (3rd front), Roxanne Wilson, Betty Schneider, Heather Alexander (back), Dr. Otto Schaden, Alistair Dickey (back), Inspector Zeinab Ali Mohammed abd el Kader, and George Johnson (back).

February 2006

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View of the Valley of the Kings in front of KV-10 and KV-63 (KV-62, the Tomb of Tutankhamun is located on far right)
Workmen's huts with KV-63 depicted under the sandbags
Workmen's Huts over the KV-63 shaft
Group photo of the original staff members present during the initial discovery of KV-63 on March 10, 2005.
The director, Dr. Otto Schaden standing in KV-63 shaft
Initial KV-63 shaft at surface
KV-63 shaft deepens as excavation progresses
KV-63 shaft fully excavated
Akhmed, Alister Dickey, Reis Nubie and Dr. Schaden peering into KV-63 for the first time
KV-63 door partially blocked with stones
February 10, 2006~~Dr. Zahi Hawass officially proclaims KV-63
'A New Tomb is Discovered' - Media Day at KV-63
KV-63 Tomb interior depicting coffins and storage jars
Close up of the face on the first coffin in KV-63
Large Sealed Storage Jars
Broken storage jar in KV-63
The smaller, youth coffin in KV-63
Earl and Otto Congratulating each other on the New Discovery 2/5

March 2006


KV-63 Shaft, Ladder, and Doorway
KV-63 tomb in relation to previously excavated Workmen's Huts
Alistair Dickey and George Johnson
Reis Nubi abd el Basit
Hoist and Sandbagged Perimeter of KV-63
Construction of the hoist
View of the hoist from the shaft floor
Betty Schneider and Roxanne Wilson labeling Storage Jars
Raising a Storage Jar and Basket
Egyptian Workers safely unhooking Storage Jar
Workers carefully carrying the heavy jar up the steps
Otto Schaden pictured with the first successfully raised Storage Jar
Dr. Zahi Hawass and Dr. Otto Schaden on March 10th
Egyptian Officials and Inspectors
Dr. Zahi Hawass
Heather Alexander, Betty Schneider, & Roxanne Wilson being filmed by Discovery
Akhmed reconstructing KV-63 pottery fragments
Otto with 'his' Finches
A finch feeding out of Otto's hand
Inspector of Antiquities El Nobi Mahmoud Omar
Dr. Salima Ikram and Roxanne Wilson examining a Storage Jar
Small clay vessels from a Storage Jar
Bill Wilson, Archie Chubb, Earl Ertman (seated) & Heather Alexander
Coffin 'E'
Discovery filming Heather, Otto, and Chief Conservator Nadia Lukma
Chief Conservator Nadia Lukma and assistant Amani
March Group Photo
Bill Wilson and Archie Chubb opening a jar
Recorder Betty Schneider in front of Coffin As Mask
Rita Freed touring KV-63

April 2006


The tiny infant coffin situated under the head of the Youth Coffin G.
View of KV-10 & KV-63 from the Cliffs above the Rest House
The Discovery Channel filming KV-63
Alabaster Jar found inside Coffin 'A'
The Infant Coffin labeled 'D'