Updated October 20, 2012

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Links to KV63 articles and images :

http://www.luxornews.net/ The most current news about Luxor, Egypt by Jane Akshar


http://www.egyptologyforum.org Egyptologists' Electronic Forum (EEF) : List Moderator~Aayko Eyma. Q&A on KV-63 (Wilson)

http://www.archaeology.org/online/interviews/wilson/index.html Archaeological Institute of America (AIA)


Links to Recommended Egypt Tours and Accommodations:

Museum Tours

http://www.museum-tours.com  Managed by Bill and Nancy Petty

El Nakhil Hotel, Gezira El Bairat, Luxor (West Bank)
Very Clean Accommodations, Excellent Food & Presentation (vegetables/fruits cleaned with sterile water, ice made from bottled water), Friendly & Knowledgeable Staff, Handicap Rooms Available. *Highly Recommend.
Accepts US Dollars, Egyptian Pounds & Euros. No credit cards or Travelers Checks.
No phones or TVís in rooms but a TV Room is located near the lobby.
Desk Computer and Wi-Fi available.
El Fayrouz Hotel, Gezira El Bairat, Luxor (West Bank)
Basic, Inexpensive Accommodations, Friendly Staff, Garden Restaurant.
Accepts US Dollars and Egyptian Pounds. No cc or Travelers Checks.
No phones or TVís in rooms. Desk Computer and Wi-Fi available.
Luxor Flats (rent by day-week-month)

Accommodations on the West Bank managed by Jane Akshar.  Local Luxor with a dash of English character.
Spacious - Clean flats. Gatekeeper on premise. Cook Services Optional.